The meaning of our logo

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Saint-Nom-la-Bretêche has updated its graphic identity with a modern symbol of identity based on one of the signs from the old coat of arms : the cinquefoil. This five-leaf grass symbolizes not only the forest of Marly, but also the five districts of the village : Saint-Nom, La Breteche, Valmartin, the Tuilerie and the Vallon.

Logo commune Saint-Nom-la-Bretêche

Modernized and stylized in a contemporary and dynamic way, the logo remains the link between the town's past (its history and heritage) and its future. It depicts also people's activity in the village, its very heart. A value of unity and harmony, a social bond between inhabitants. This logo is part of a general updating of the town's values, and as such is the visual element of this identity for its inhabitants.

The curves of the new design evoke harmony, a good life in a protective valley. The stability and strength of the core structure are reminiscent of the trees of the forest. The contrast between the curves and the dynamic form of the five-grassed leaf refers to a sense of balance and stability. Finally,  green and blue are colours linked with nature, an inescapable element of our village.